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A taste of the 2014 "Brussels report on the state of poverty"

In 2014, the thematic report will address women's poverty.

The publication of the thematic report "Women in Poverty" is scheduled for January 2015

The publication of "Crossing Viewpoints" is scheduled for January 2015

Social Barometer

2014 is a jubilee year for social barometer: the tenth edition will be published in October. This is an opportunity to analyze the evolution of poverty indicators over the past decade. The "Social Barometer" presents a wide range of indicators in different areas of life such as income, employment, housing, education and health. These indicators are based on both survey data and administrative data.


Laurence Noël, Sarah Luyten, Marion Englert, David Hercot, Murielle Deguerry, Alison Taylor, Melody Yannart

Date de publication


  • The 2014 thematic report "Women in Poverty"
    Every two years, the thematic report highlights a particular problem in poverty. The following topics were discussed in recent years:
    • 2008: Poverty and aging
    • 2010: Life without home in Brussels
    • 2012: Youth in transition, adults to be