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Report 2013/1 Exploratory research on the development of a Poverty Impact Assessment in the Brussels Region

The model of the poverty impact assessment is, in theory, a powerful decision support tool, but it soon became apparent that a number of fundamental questions (and currently unresolved) arise in its implementation. In this report, we first situate the tool in the broader context of policy evaluation and explain the concept of Social Impact Assessment, which includes the Poverty Impact Assesssment tool (Chapter 2). Then we analyze through three case studies how the theoretical model of Social Impact Assessment has been applied in a concrete policy situation and the role it plays in the policy process (Chapter 3). In the fourth chapter, we examine in depth the role of the tool in the policy process and the decision support function it can play. The last chapter outlines avenues for development of a Poverty Impact Assesssment tool in the Region of Brussels-Capital.


Poverty, fight against poverty, policy support, evaluation, Brussels Region

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Brussels-Capital Health and Social Observatory (2013). Exploratory research on the development of a Poverty Impact Assessment tool in the Brussels Region. Joint Community Commission: Brussels.

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In its general policy note relative to the fight against poverty 2009-2014, the Standing Interministerial Workinggroup committed to develop a Poverty Impact assessment tool. The Brussels Health and Social Observatory, which ensures the secretariat of the workinggroup, has been asked to develop the tool. The contents of this report presents the results of the first two years of the project.