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2014 - The health profile of young persons in the Brussels‐Capital Region - A focus on social inequalities in the transition to adulthood

Using the data of HIS 2001, 2004 and 2008 this study identifies the magnitude of the health risks they encounter and examine if these risks are socially determined. Educational differences are central, but unemployment, financial hardship and nationality of origin are also used to signal inequalities. Different health dimensions are covered, including mental health, risky health behaviour such as alcohol consumption, smoking and illicit drug use; knowledge on HIV and medical consumption. Regional differences in the health of young persons are also briefly touched upon.

This paper is part of a Prospective Research for Brussels project on social inequalities in health and mortality among young persons in the BCR, funded by Innoviris.


Hannelore De Grande, David Hercot & Hadewijch Vandenheede

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In this paper we draw a detailed picture of the health situation of the Brussels' youth, differentiating where possible between late adolescents (18-24-year-olds) and young adults (25-30-year-olds).