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The main sources of data are the Statistical certificates of Death. The denominations used come from population data (from the National Registry) published by the DGSIE.


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The reader will find a detailed description and in-depth analyses (cross-referenced with various indicators) with commentaries for mortality indicators in the following documents: 2010 Health profile in Brussels Region, Mortality statistics in the Brussels-Capital Region 2003-2004, 2004 and 2001 Health profile.

  • 2010 Health profile in Brussels Region: analysis of data from Statistical Certificates of Death for the years 1998 to 2007 and description of indicators and their evolution over time: mortality rate by age, male-female differences, life expectancy by sex, place of death, main causes of death by age, causes of death among children and adolescents, premature mortality, specific mortality rate by illness, mortality according to socio-demographic characteristics (nationality, socio-economic status, ...).
    Publication in French and Dutch
  • Mortality statistics in the Brussels-Capital Region, 2003-2004: the updating of certain mortality indicators from the 2004 health profile, general and premature mortality, specific causes of mortality, places of death.
    This update is only available on the Observatory website. Publication in French and Dutch

Several mortality indicators by municipality of residence are available in the following documents:

  • Health and social files in the Brussels-Capital Region 2010: files by municipality with several mortality indicators by the deceased's municipality of residence (mortality at any age, premature mortality) and comparison with regional data for the years 1998-2002.
    Publication in French and Dutch