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Publishing information

The results of the Social and Health Observatory ' ongoing work are published in periodicals.

1. The Health profile for the Brussels Region

This document aims to provide an overview of the health of the Brussels population, set against the demographic, social, environmental and multi-cultural context of the Brussels Region.

Publications are issued every five years, in line with five-year regional legislatures, in order to reconcile workload constraints (these documents require about two years of group work) as well as the need for information to be kept updated.

The first Health profile was published in 2001, followed by a second in 2004. The latest Health profile was published in 2010.

  • You can download the editions of the Health profile here in French or here in Dutch  (press release of Health profile 2001 available in English here)

2. The municipality files: Health and social statistics in the Brussels-Capital Region

The municipality files compile the main social and health data available at municipality level. The aim is to provide local decision-makers and actors with a simple tool, clarifying certain features of the population with which they work and helping to guide their strategies.

These files complement the following documents: Brussels-Capital Region Health profile, Report on the State of Poverty in the Brussels-Capital Region and the Brussels-Capital Health and Welfare Atlas.
The first edition was published in 2006, an update and extension was published in 2010.

  • You can download the municipality files here (only available in French or Dutch).

3. The evaluation reports for the Brussels Region breast cancer screening programme

The Observatory evaluates the running and impact of the breast cancer screening programme in Brussels. To this end, it regularly analyses data gathered by the Brussels Breast Cancer Screening Coordination Centre (Brumammo).

The report analyses the data and offers an epidemiological interpretation of breast cancer in Belgium; other data sources (Institute of Public Health, Common Sickness Funds Agency, Agence intermutualiste, etc.) or surveys may also be explored.

  • 4 reports are only available in French or in Dutch

4. Simple and annually updated health indicators are available on the website

These indicators are constructed from databases managed by the Observatory, including those derived from the Statistical Bulletins of Births and Deaths and/or available in Observatory publications. Statistical indicators are currently available for mortality, the perinatal period, breast cancer screening, vaccine coverage and poverty.

  • You can consult these indicators here

5. Thematic reports bring together information on specific themes

Here we find subjects like suicide, the perinatal period, breast cancer screening, a health and welfare atlas and even an atlas of needs and actors for the over-65s in Brussels.

  • You can download these Thematic reports here