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Analysing information


  • Databases are the subject of epidemiological and statistical analyses.
  • Spatial analyses are also carried out at varying geographical levels - according to relevance, availability of data and statistical limits, and the protection of privacy (among municipalities, districts (see District Monitoring project, Regional Office for Urban Development), statistical districts).
  • Qualitative analyses are also carried out (surveys, action research).

Integration and interpretation work

This means summarising in plain language the overall complexity of the health situation among the population.

  • The findings of the analyses are compared and cross-referenced, comparing quantitative and qualitative data, cross-referencing results from several sources and comparing with current literature.
  • The findings for the Brussels Region are, as far as possible, compared with other cities and regions, as well as the Belgian and international context.
  • Theories drawn from interpretation of the findings are discussed in-house and with external experts.
  • Findings are translated into plain language ahead of publication.