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The notes of the Observatory

A new collection in the publications of the Observatory:
"Notes of the Observatory"

As part of its core mission, the Observatory gathers and analyzes information and data on health and poverty in the Brussels Region. Most of these analyzes are disseminated through reports or thematic issues. However, information is also collected and studied during specific requests, whether from policy makers or from our partners in the field.

This information can be very targeted, can not always be published as a full report. They might be integrated much later or in a summarised version. Many simply remain in our drawers and are not made ​​public.

This new collection therefore offers the ability to disseminate some of those informations or reflections that hopefully will stimulate debate on current issues.

The Notes:

2. Defining birth - the definitions of "birth" and their impacts on perinatal indicators in the Brussels Region

1. Evolution of foetal and infant mortality in Brussels Region between 2000 and 2010