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Gathering information

This includes various kinds of information:

Quantitative data

  • Exhaustive individual, anonymous and coded data such as Statistical Bulletins of Births and Deaths, Brussels breast cancer screening programme data
  • Individual, anonymous and coded data from regionally representative surveys, including the National Health Survey
  • Aggregated data from public or private institutions such as the Cancer Registry, the Federal Public Health Service (Clinical Basic Data Set), the National Institute for Sickness/Invalidity Insurance (INAMI), the Workplace Accident Fund (FAT), the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR), the Directorate-General for Statistics and Economic Information (DGSIE), etc.
  • Data from specific research or studies conducted by external researchers, whether or not in collaboration with the Observatory.

Qualitative data

  • Data from qualitative research
  • Information sourced from expert fieldworkers or associations.

Information regarding methodologies and processes for gathering quality data from various sources